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Intel® Atom™ Processor-Based Embedded IoT Gateway Platform

  • Dual-core Intel® Atom™ SoC processor E3826
  • Extremely compact: 120 (W) x 100 (D) x 55 (H) mm
  • Full support Intel® IoT Gateway, with pre-loaded Wind River® IDP XT 2.0/3.1
  • Certified by Microsoft Azure, IBM Bluemix & SEMA Cloud
  • 1x HDMI, 2x USB 2.0 + 1x USB 3.0, 2x GbE ports, optional 4 isolated DI/O, 2x mPCIe slots (one supporting mSATA), 1x USIM socket, 1x SDIO
  • Aluminum housing, withstanding industrial grade EMI/EMS (EN 61000-6-4EN 61000-6-2)
  • Optional DIN-Rail / Wall mounting
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ADLINK"s new Matrix MXE-200i series Embedded IoT Gateway Platform is based on the Intel® Atom™ SoC processor E3826 and has superior-class construction meeting a wide variety of specific industrial needs. Supporting Intel® IoT Gateway, with pre-loaded Wind River® IDP XT 2.0/3.1 enabling full IoT function, the MXE-200i series offers the most reliable Embedded IoT Gateway for use in harsh environments, compliant with industrial grade EMI/EMS (EN61000-6-4,61000-6-2), protecting customer assets and reducing TCO. Opposing conventional correlations between size and computing power, the MXE-200i series features large-scale performance in an ultra-compact package.

With its two GbE LAN, two COM, two USB 2.0 and one USB 3.0 host ports, optional four isolated DI and four isolated DO w/ interrupt support, dual mini PCIe slots with one mSATA support and USIM socket support communication with connections such as WiFi, BT, 3G, and LTE, the MXE-200i enables seamless interconnection, ensuring interoperability between systems. Matrix's proven rugged construction assures operation in harsh environments with operating shock tolerance up to 100 G and an extended operating temperature range option of -20°C to 70°C.

Implementation of ADLINK"s proprietary SEMA Cloud tool, the MXE-200i maximizes manageability and security for a world of applications, delivering efficient remote monitoring of system activity and health in real time, system control over a robust secured channel, and complete, fully manageable utilization of system resources.

All told, the MXE-200i presents an intelligent, robust embedded system supporting wide application development and easy service deployment, presenting outstanding performance in Intelligent Transportation, Facility Management, Industrial Automation and Internet of Things (IoT).

Intelligent Embedded IoT Gateway Platform
Explore the application-ready intelligent gateway platform for IoT.

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Application-Ready for IIoT

ADLINK embedded IoT gateway platforms MXE-200i, equipped with Intel® Atom™ processors E3826, fully support Intel® IoT Gateway by integrating Wind River Intelligent Device Platform (IDP) XT and McAfee Embedded Control to provide a complete, pre-validated communication and security solution. The MXE-200i also includes ADLINK"s SEMA utility, which enables quick setup of remote data access and analysis through ADLINK"s SEMA Cloud.

ADLINK Embedded IoT gateway platforms feature fieldbus control interface, as well as superior WiFi/LTE/3G enabled edge device/cloud connectivity.

Secure, scalable computing gateways with fieldbus interfaces enable seamless connection, aggregation, filtering, and data transmission to the cloud with confidence.

Seamless Interconnection

ADLINK"s embedded IoT gateway platform integrates routing and data collection functions, conversant with existing protocols. Strong support for widely-used fieldbus protocols provides bi-directional communication and acquisition. Simple IoT gateway function capable of accepting a wide range of connectivity protocols for analog and digital data can provide connection to a wide range of industries, taking advantage of valuable data existing in their hardware assets.


Secure and Reliable Data Transfer

ADLINK"s embedded IoT gateway platform, supported by the latest Intel processors, includes two key hardware-assisted security enhancements: Intel® Advanced Encryption Standard New Instructions (Intel® AES-NI) and Secure Boot. Together, these security technologies help secure endpoints, protect content, and prevent malicious software from loading.

Wind River IDP XT delivers built-in security features to protect the communication channel, the data, and the end device. In addition, McAfee Embedded Control adds dynamic whitelisting. This technology locks the system down to a known safe baseline so no program outside the authorized set can launch. McAfee Embedded Control also contributes a policy-based change control feature that monitors files and prevents unexpected changes.

ADLINK"s SEMA utility provides secure data transmission, continuously uploading data through encrypted Transport Layer Security (TLS, the successor protocol of Secure Sockets Layer or SSL) connection, as shown in the user"s information dashboard, all together guaranteeing essential reliability and security critical to IoT-ready platforms.


Manageability Adds Business Value

Ready access to system health is proving invaluable for many industries with an inherent need to monitor distributed networks, and can now be implemented in nearly any embedded arena. Operators can proactively interact with the system, detecting potential issues in advance, as well as responding quickly to system downtime.

ADLINK"s self-developed SEMA Cloud utility provides flexible Cloud connection to push data to the cloud, as well as remote monitoring and control capabilities, and rich libraries and widgets for easy configuration and design of intuitive graphic user interfaces compatible with any browser-based device, for access to data anytime and anyplace via the internet.


Machine Failure Prediction
Machine Failure Prediction

Forecasting potential problems in industrial machinery to implement preventive measures and maintenance or equipment replacement is critical in sustaining performance and avoiding downtime and costly damage. Learn how ADLINK?s IoT solution benefits the field of machine failure prediction, with real time data transmission, remote control/monitoring, and enhanced accuracy, efficiency, and economy.

IoT-based Automated Parking Systems

Automated parking system solutions monitor parking areas and gather real-time occupancy data. Intelligent and innovative parking solutions are provided for both operators and customers.

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ADLINK Intelligent IoT Solutions: Machine Failure Prediction

ADLINK IoT-based Automated Parking Systems

ADLINK Intel-based Gateway Solutions

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