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8-CH 24-Bit High-Resolution Dynamic Signal Acquisition Module

  • ±1V, and ±10V input ranges
  • 24-Bit Sigma-Delta ADC
  • 8 simultaneous sampling analog input
  • 192 kS/s maximum sampling rate
  • AC (0.5Hz) or DC input coupling, software selectable
  • 110 dB dynamic range
  • Support IEPE output on each analog input, software configurable
  • Antialiasing filters
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The ADLINK PXIe-9529 is a high-performance, high density, 8-CH analog input dynamic signal acquisition module. The PXIe-9529 features eight 24-bit simultaneously sampling analog input channels. The 24-bit sigma-delta ADC provides a sampling rate of 192 kS/s at high resolution, making it ideal for higher dynamic range signal measurement. All channels are sampled simultaneously and accept input range up to ??10V, and the analog inputs support software-selectable AC or DC coupling and 4 mA bias current for integrated electronic piezoelectric (IEPE) sensors. The module is especially designed to meet the requirements of vibration analysis and audio testing.

Cost-effective Solutions for Audio Testing White Paper

High Density, High Resolution and High Dynamic Range
  • Eight 24-bit analog input channels simultaneously sampling at 192 kS/s
  • 24-bit high resolution ADC
  • High dynamic range up to 110 dB. (106 dB SFDR, 104 dB SNR, and -106 dB THD)

    Ideal for High Channel Count Applications
    The PXIe-9529??s 8-channel design provides easy expansion up to 136 channels in a single 18-slot PXI Express chassis or more while still maintaining tight timing and synchronization between channels, presenting a cost-optimized solution for high channel count applications like phased array data acquisition.

    Multi-Module Synchronization
    When performing high channel count data acquisition, the PXIe-9529??s built-in phase-locked loop (PLL) allows multiple modules to lock to an external reference timing signal, such as PXI_CLK10 or PXIe_CLK100 from the PXI chassis backplane, such that each module can perform measurements simultaneously. In addition, the PXI star trigger ensures synchronization between modules with less than 1 ns of skew, allowing 0.01 deg phase system mismatch for a 1 kHz signal between any two channels across devices, with the subsequent variety of implementation enabling simultaneous precision multi-channel sampling.

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