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DSP-based 4/8-axis Advanced Pulse-Train Motion Controllers

  • Onboard floating-point DSP, 4/8 axis pulse-train command up to 6.5MHz
  • Trajectory cycle time up to 1 KHz
  • Encoder feedback frequency up to 20 MHz with digital filter design
  • High speed position latch function via ORG and Index signals
  • High speed position comparison and trigger output up to 1MHz for auto-optical inspection
  • 32 additional onboard digital I/O channels (16DI & 16DO) save the cost of a full DI/O card
  • PWM control of laser application, watchdog timer for safety control
  • Programmable interrupt source control to host PC, support for up to 16 cards in a single system
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ADLINK"s new AMP-204C/AMP-208C DSP-based 4/8-axis advanced pulse-train motion controllers incorporate up-to-date floating-point DSP and FPGA technology, enabling high pulse output and encoder input frequency up to 6.5 MHz and 20 MHz respectively. Leveraging ADLINK" s Softmotion technology, the AMP-204C/AMP-208C offer impressive comprehensive and application-oriented motion functionality to reduce development time while maintaining superior throughput and accuracy. Superior synchronous motion control performance combines with point-table function integrating multi-dimensional interpolation, such as 3D linear/circular/spiral interpolation with enhanced trajectory and velocity planning, for contouring applications in semiconductor, display and conventional manufacturing industries. The AMP-204C/AMP-208C also support PWM control with three different control modes for frequency or duty cycle, benefiting laser engraving/marking/cutting applications. Moreover, hardware-based position comparison and trigger output are applicable in AOI applications.

AMP-204C/208C was ranked 16th in Electronic Design" s Top 101 Components of 2014.

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Easy-to-use Graphic User Interface
"MotionCreatorPro 2" is a Windows-based application development software package included with the AMP-204C/AMP-208C. More applicable time-domain and frequency-domain diagnostic tools are integrated into this utility for Auto-Tuning, Frequency Response Analysis, motion & I/O data sampling. Setup Wizard shortens the system installation & evaluation time and allows monitoring of onboard DSP & I/O consumption via a system diagnostic page. Powerful sampling page and graphic tools deliver real-time motion and I/O status and conduct further motion flow analysis.

MotionCreatorPro 2 provides:

  • Axis configuration
  • Parameter table
  • Axis manipulation
  • Setup wizard (New)
  • Point table
  • VAO (PWM) setting (New)
  • Data sampling (New)
  • Electronic Gearing (Synchronous) setting page (New)

Software Support
Windows Platform

  • Available for Windows® 8/ 7/ XP
  • Recommended programming environments: Visual Basic, Visual C++, Borland C++ Builder, and Delphi

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