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Smart Embedded Management Agent

  • Use your existing EAPI calls with SEMA®
  • Identify part number, serial number, BIOS and BMC version
  • Read total operating hours
  • Read up-time since power on
  • Read overall power cycles
  • Read current temperature of CPU and board
  • Get power-up temperature of CPU and board
  • Log min/max temperature of CPU and board

  Hardware Monitor  
  Browser UI  
Downtime of devices or systems is not acceptable in today's industries. To help customers to analyze their systems and take counter measures for preventive maintenance, ADLINK has developed a tool which is able to monitor and collect system performance and status information from the hardware in a timely, flexible and precise manner: the Smart Embedded Management Agent (SEMA®).

A Board Management Controller collects all relevant technical information from the chipset and other sources. Using the System Management Bus driver, an application layer fetches the data and presents it to the user. ADLINK provides a ready-made application that shows the data in user-friendly graphic interfaces, suitable for supervision and troubleshooting. At the heart of SEMA is the Board Management Controller (BMC) supporting SEMA functions. The SEMA Extended EAPI provides access to all functions and can be integrated into the user’s own applications. The SEMA GUI and SEMA Command Line Interface allow monitoring, control and use of the SEMA parameters and functions directly on your device for test and demonstration purposes. Optionally SEMA supports also remote procedure calls

SEMA is comprised of the following components:
• SEMA Board Management Controller HW and FW
• SEMA Extended EAPI Library
• SEMA Command Line Interface (CLI)

SEMA supports and provides the following functions and information:
• CPU Operation Modes
• Memory Information • Network Information
• ACPI Power Management
• BIOS Updates
• Heartbeat Software Manual 7 SEMA® 3.5
• Power Consumption
• User Area Access
• Alerts for Power and Temperature Consumption
• I2C Bus Control • Temperatures(CPU and Board)
• Board Information (Serial Number, Part Number, Firmware Version...)
• Fan Control
• GPIO Control
• 1-Wire Bus
• A/D Conversion Detailed forensic information is available after system or module failures.

The BMC Power-Up Error Log function provides detailed information about history of failures that may have occurred during power-up sequences. Log information includes e.g. error number, flags, restart event, power cycles, boot count, status, CPU temperature and board temperature. Moreover minimum and maximum temperature of the CPU and system is available, as well as HDD S.M.A.R.T information- all of which can be used to analyze system or module failure in detail. SEMA is available for Linux and Windows operating systems and for various HW platforms.

SEMA includes three software components: SEMA Extended EAPI, Graphical User Interface tool and the Command Line tool.
• SEMA Extended EAPI SEMA includes an API (SEMA Extended EAPI) that allows customers to easily integrate all SEMA functions into their applications.

The SEMA Extended EAPI is the core functionality of the SEMA release package. Please refer to the document "SEMA Software Installation Guide” to install it and the document "SEMA Extended EAPI Programming Guide” for detailed information about the API.
• Graphical User Interface tool The SEMA GUI is part of the SEMA release package. Please refer to the document "SEMA Software Installation Guide” to install it. Instructions on how to use the SEMA GUI are explained in Chapter 2 of this document.
• Command Line tool
ADLINK handles all the intricacies of embedded system management with SEMA®. An integrated microcontroller (board management controller, BMC) communicates with the chipset over the System Management Bus (SMBus). In addition to the functions required by the chipset, this microcontroller also implements a set of functions that can be used by an application program (Learn More)

In addition to the current power consumption, the SEMA® graphical hardware monitor displays how power consumption and temperature of the board develop over time. There are two temperature curves shown, one for each of the two sensors on the board (if available). These graphs help users to understand system behavior under different load situations (Learn More)
The information gathered by SEMA® can also be viewed remotely using a web browser. To achieve this, a web server must be installed on the embedded PC. A CGI script handles interfacing with the SEMA® application and builds a corresponding web page with a configurable refresh time. The screen shot below shows the SEMA® web interface page (Learn More)

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