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Dual Intel® Xeon® L5638 Processor 10 Gigabit Ethernet AdvancedTCA® Processor Blade

  • Two quad-core Intel® Xeon® L5638 (6C/12T) processors
  • Six memory sockets support DDR3-1333 REG/ECC up to 48 GB maximum capacity
  • Intel® 5520/ICH10R chipset
  • Single AMC.0 Mid-size bay
  • Dual 10GBASE-KX4 Fabric Interface channels
  • Intel® Hyper-Threading Technology
  • Intel® QuickPath Interconnect
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Note: The aTCA-6155 is identical to the aTCA-6150, except for the RTM alignment pin and power connector in Zone 3.

The aTCA-6155 is an AdvancedTCA® (ATCA) processor blade featuring dual next-generation 32 nm six-core Intel® Xeon® processor L5638 with 2.00 GHz core-speed, the Intel® 5520 chipset, up to 48GB of DDR3 memory, and an optional PICMG® Mid-size AMC bay for increased computing performance and flexibility. The Intel® Xeon® processor L5638 on 32 nm process technology with 6-core / 12-thread capability gives the aTCA-6155 increased processing performance with more efficient power consumption for applications requiring high performance and high-speed data transfer which were formerly thermally constrained.

On-card connectivity includes dual GbE or 10GbE Fabric Interfaces, dual GbE Base Interfaces, dual front panel GbE interfaces, and quad SAS channels which provide leading edge network performance and storage capabilities. High speed data-transfer on the PICMG 3.1 fabric interface is provided by an Intel® 82599EB 10 Gigabit Ethernet controller with PCI-Express® v2.0, and base interface connectivity is delivered through the Intel® 82576EB Gigabit Ethernet controller, also supporting PCI-Express 2.0. The aTCA-6155 is ideal for carrier-grade applications such as media servers in IPTV, IP multimedia subsystem (IMS) broadband networks, and wireless infrastructures, providing telecom equipment manufacturers (TEMs) and network equipment providers (NEPs) with a powerful, cost-effective solution for mission critical applications and a smooth path for scalability and expansion.

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