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ADLINK Smart Embedded Management Agent

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COM Express® Compact Size Type 2 Module with Intel® Atom™ Processor

The Express-CVC is scheduled for discontinuation as of May 01, 2017, and has been replaced by  cExpress-BT2Details

  • Dual-core Intel® Atom™ Processor with Intel NM10 Express Chipset
  • Up to 4 GB DDR3 SDRAM at 800/1066 MHz
  • Three free PCIe x1 lanes
  • VGA and Single/Dual Channel 18/24-bit LVDS
  • SATA 3 Gb/s, IDE (PATA), GbE, USB 2.0
  • Supports Smart Embedded Management Agent (SEMA®) functions

  2016 Publication  
  Recommended Replacement  

EOL date: 2016/12/01
Last time buy date: 2017/05/01
Last shipment day: 2018/12/30
Replacement: cExpress-BT2

The Express-CVC is a low power, low cost, COM Express Type 2, COM.0 R2.1 module in Compact form factor that is specially designed to facilitate speedy development of semi custom designs. The COM Express standard embodies the convergence of the latest technology standards based on serial differential signaling such as PCI Express, USB 2.0, SATA and LVDS implemented on a compact size Computer on Module. Signals are brought out through two 220-pin board-to-board connectors that permit data transmission rates of up to 5GHz.

Mounting holes connect the module with a custom-made, application specific carrier boards which provide protection from shock and vibration.

The Express-CVCis positioned as an entry level COM Express module for systems that require a small footprint with dual core computing power and DDR3 memory. It is ideal for applications that require Floating Point CPU performance with average graphics support and moderate power consumption levels, such as Robotics, Industrial control and Data Communications. The module supports three different types of a 32nm process Intel® Atom™ processors : Intel® Atom™ N2600 processor with only 3.5W TDP (1M Cache, 1.6 GHz); the Intel® Atom™ N2800 processor (1M Cache, 1.86 GHz) with 6.5W TDP; and the Intel® Atom™ D2700 processor (1M Cache, 2.13 GHz) with 10W TDP.

The Intel® Atom™ processor integrates a graphics processing unit (GPU) has twice the performance as earlier generation Atom GPU and provides CRT and single channel LVDS. The Intel® Atom™ processors all support daul cores and Hyper-Threading Technology with 2-threads per core allowing the Express-CVC to provide excellent performance for multi-tasking or multi OS applications.

The Intel® NM10 PCH allows connection of up to three additional PCI Express x1 ports, while supporting the LAN controller on the 4th port. The module comes with a single onboard Gigabit Ethernet port and one SATA ports. It has legacy support for a single parallel IDE channel, 32-bit PCI and LPC.

The Express-CVC comes equipped with AMI UEFI BIOS supporting embedded features such as: Remote Console, CMOS backup in 16Mbit SPI BIOS, CPU and System Monitoring and Watchdog Timer.

The ADLINK Express-CVC computer-on-module with built-in SEMA Cloud® functionality is ready-made for Internet of Things (IoT) applications. The Express-CVC is able to connect legacy industrial devices and other IoT systems to the cloud, extract raw data from these devices, determine which data to save locally and which to send to the cloud for further analysis. The results these analyses can provide valuable information for policy decision making and generate innovative business opportunities.

Smart Embedded Management Agent
Today"s Embedded PC Systems need to provide both optimal performance and low power consumption. This can be difficult to accomplish without adequate control and system management tools to detect potential problems before they get out of hand. Similarly, systems must run stably and continuously, particularly in critical applications and severe environments with subject to extreme shock & vibration and extended temperatures.

To meet these requirements, a tool is needed which is able to monitor and gather performance and status necessary information from the hardware in a timely, flexible and precise manner. ADLINK"s Smart Embedded Management Agent (SEMA) accomplishes these goals for you, the developer and end user. Time-to-Market (TTM) and Total-Costs-of-Ownership (TCO) are key aspects to producing competitive products. To combine TTM and TCO in a reliable manner, a solid and reliable platform is fundamental. To assist in this endeavor, every new ADLINK computer-on-module (COM) and single board computer (SBCs) is equipped with a Board Management Controller (BMC) device supporting SEMA.

Initially designed for power sequencing tasks, the BMC has evolved to include many new and useful features through the years. Measuring the supply current to get a snapshot of the system??s power consumption is only one of the new capabilities. Being compatible with the latest Embedded Application Programming Interface specification (EAPI) reduces your effort to port existing calls to SEMA to nearly zero!

Interfacing the hardware to the operating system is one of SEMA"s most important functions. The BMC first collects all relevant information from the chipset and other sources. Using the System Management Bus driver, the application layer fetches the data and presents it to the user. ADLINK also provides a ready-made application that shows the data in user-friendly graphic interfaces, suitable for supervision and troubleshooting. (Learn More)

Innovative Embedded Platforms
with Longevity and
Form Fit Functions Principles (11.89 MB)

- Type 7, 6, 10 and 2
- Basic, Compact and Mini sizes
- Carrier boards and Starter kits

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