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Intel® Atom™ E3845 1.91GHz Processor-based Value Series Smart Camera

  • 2MP 60 fps解像度、モノクロ・グローバル・シャッターCMOSセンサ
  • 追加のGigEビジョン1スレーブ・カメラを用意
  • マルチカメラ・バーコードリーダ・ソリューションに代わるマルチROI機能
  • イメージ・セントリックなユーザー・インタフェース
  • プログラミングを必要とせずに、マシンビジョン・アプリケーションを構築可能
  • 統合ツール・ライブラリ
  • IP67準拠ケースおよびM12コネクタ採用
  • EMVA 1288対応確認済みの高度な画質
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ADLINK's new generation x86 NEON-1021 features Intel® Atom™ quad core 1.91 GHz processors for increased computing power, and FPGA coprocessors and GPU deliver advanced image processing, both beyond the capabilities of conventional smart cameras. Rich software support and API compatibility enable easy migration from original x86 platforms, eliminating software and development language burdens across the platform, reducing time to market.

The NEON-1021 feature 2MP global shutter image sensors, and PWM lighting control support. Rugged construction with IP67-rated housing and M12 connectors enables the NEON-1021 to withstand the harshest industrial environments.

Optimized I/O includes one additional slave GigE Vision camera connection, 4x isolated input, 4x isolated output, and VGA output for maximized integration with external devices. Additionally, flexible software development support, including GenTL support for image acquisition and Open CV programming, significantly benefits developers by easing migration from x86 platforms.

EMVA 1288-verified Superior Image Quality
NEON-1021 Smart Camera deliver superior image quality with leading industrial camera vendors. All measurements done by ADLINK fully compliance with the European Machine Vision Association "EMVA 1288" standard.

Comprehensive Software Compatibility
Streamlined integration and maximization of all leading machine vision utilities, including MVTec Merlic, HALCON, Stemmer CVB, Cognex Vision Pro, Euresys Open CV, Matrox MIL, Teledyne Dalsa Sherlock and GenTL

Efficient Multi- ROI Function
High-speed multi-barcode capture shortens image processing cycle time.

High performance increases speed and capture complexity

- High end quad core processor -
Intel® Atom™ processor E3845 at 1.91GHz improves dramatically on the performance of existing smart cameras. The high end processor provides up to 6 times the computing power of conventional smart cameras. - Improved detection sensitivity -
The 2 MP 60 fps 1/1.8"-inch global shutter sensor improves on rolling shutter sensors with improved raw image clarity, for high speed inspection precision.
- Coordination among CPU, GPU and FPGA co-processor -
The NEON-1021" s FPGA accelerates image pre-processing and reduces CPU loading, making it ideal for complex acquisitions like those in LUT (look up table), ROI (region of interest), and shading correction. Thanks for FPGA, the CPU resource can focus on algorithm and make inspection tasking more efficiency.

Maximum integration reduces TCO

- Built-in PWM lighting control -
The NEON-1021" s built-in PWM lighting control module eliminates the need for additional lighting controller equipment, reducing TCO.

Open architecture and easy development dramatically reduce time to market

In a real application environment, different development languages and software tools are required in machine vision, motion controller, smart camera and line scan camera stations . A platform allowing development in a single language, with easy deployment from existing platforms, conserving manpower costs and reducing time to market.
- Programming in the x86 architecture -
NEON-1021 is based on x86 architecture, with all development environments familiar to users, for motion/HMI/IO solutions, seamless migration from the original x86 platform. - Rich third party software support-
The NEON-1021 provides flexible software support for STEMMER Common Vision Blox, MVTec HALCON, COGNEX VisionPro, Teledyne Dalsa Sherlock, Adaptive Vision Studio, Euresys Open eVision and more. As well, GeniCam , GenTL, Open CV and Open CL compatibility simplify communication with devices and allow third party software to control cameras and acquire image data. - 64-bit computing -
As image analyses software have to deal with great bulk of data, most mainstream software products in this segment support 64-bit instructions. Therefore, it is better for implementers to choose a vision system that supports 64-bit computing environment.
- Compact footprint -
Small footprint enables easy integration into existing lines, saving space and simplifying configuration - GigE port enhances flexibility -
With built-in GigE port, the NEON-1021 can connect to multiple cameras via external hub. As well, existing CODESYS users can easily and quickly connect to other motion controllers via EtherCAT. - Versatile I/O for external device connection -
NEON-1021 provides 4x isolated inputs, 4x isolated outputs, USB 2.0 port, and RS-232 ports, supporting connection to a monitor, USB mouse and keyboard, enabling program and application development directly in smart camera. - Rugged IP67-rated housing -
Rugged construction with IP67-rated housing and M12 connectors allow the NEON-1021 to operate in harsh environments, impervious to moisture and contaminants.

High Speed Pharmaceutical Inspection

Pharmaceutical inspection, including inspection for visual defects, package labels, pattern matching or scanning barcodes on a high-speed folding machine or product line, demands high resolution captures with powerful processing to manage large image data. Global shutter sensors deployed in a fast moving product line provide clear and stable images for image. To manage the variety of inspection methods used, a flexible and programmable inspection platform is ideally suited to pharmaceutical applications.

The ADLINK Solution

The NEON-1021 features a 2 MP 60 fps, 1/1.8"-inch global shutter sensor, ideal for precise high-speed moving object inspection, ideal for verification of pill or tablet quality, blister pack contents, and label information and/or bar codes. With IP67- rated housing and M12 connectors, the NEON-1021 resists harsh environments, withstanding damage from moisture and contaminants. With powerful quad core computing and FPGA image pre-processing, the NEON-1021 can process multiple complex inspection tasks simultaneoulsy, and its open architecture x86 based application ready platform simplifies programming of customized inspection applications and use of existing x86 software without requiring new coding language expertise.

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