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Advanced 4-CH Encoder Card with High-speed Triggering Function

  • 32-bit PCI bus, Rev. 2.2, 33 MHz
  • Card index switch selection
  • Encoder input interface: OUT/DIR, CW/CCW, and 1x, 2x, 4x A/B phase
  • Trigger output up to 5 MHz; encoder input up to 20 MHz
  • Programmable trigger pulse width: 0.2 us to 6.5 ms
  • Input/Output circuit source can be selectable: TTL/Open
  • Internal high-speed FIFO for four 32-bit comparators as data
  • Each channel can store 1024 points (32-bit)
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PCI-8124-C is a 4-CH trigger board which is suitable for advanced line scan application which need high line rates. PCI-8124-C has internal FIFO to realize the high speed position compare and trigger pulse output. The frequency can be up to 30 kHz. For this application, ADLINK proposes you can use PCI-8134 and PCI-8124-C together to gain the advantage of motion control and high speed trigger function. For position compare, PCI-8124-C provides two method: linear function or variable interval. PCI-8124-C also provides the variety of mapping function between comparator and trigger output. The comparator condition can be associated with latch signal, TTL input and EA/EB signal.

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