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2-CH PCI Express® PoCL Frame Grabber

  • PCI Express® x4 compliant
  • PoCL (Power over Camera Link®) compliant with auto detection
  • Supports 2-CH Camera Link® Base configuration
  • Acquisition pixel clock rates up to 85 MHz on each Ch
  • 128 MB of 200 MHz DDR SDRAM for acquisition
  • 4 TTL Digital Input/Output, and 2 trigger Input
  • Supports 64-bit memory addressing
  • Two serial communication ports
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PCIe-CPL64 is a PoCL (Power over Camera Link®) frame grabber that is based on the PCI Express® x4 interface, and supports two-channel Camera Link "base" configurations, multi-tap area and line scan cameras. The PCIe-CPL64 frame grabber strikes a perfect balance between performance and cost. It is capable of simultaneously image acquisition from two completely independent Camera Link base configuration cameras, and supports image transfers rates up to 512 MB/s.

PoCL Technology™

The PoCL (Power over Camera Link®) standard allows the camera link cable to supply power to the camera through the Camera Link connector without losing backward compatibility with the previous Camera Link® standard, this solution is particularly suitable for a small camera.

Benefits of PoCL™

• Easy installation
• Reduce wiring (Single cable for digital I/F, and power)
• Reduce camera size


• PCB/FPD/Wafer/Solar Cell surface inspections
• Medical research instrumentations

Software Support

• Available for Windows® Vista (64/32-bit)/XP

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