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4-axis Pulse Train Motion Control Modules

  • Support HSL protocol: 3/6/12Mbps & FD/HD selectable
  • Up to 60 axes in one HSL network
  • Pulse output rate up to 6.55 MHz
  • Point-to-point control / linear & circular interpolation
  • Continuous contour motion
  • 4-axis position compare & trigger output channels
  • Motion point table management
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HSL-4XMO is an advanced 4-axis remote motion control module via HSL bus. Combined with HSL I/O and motion control modules, it can meet many requirements in machine automation (MA) field. HSL-4XMO offers two models - HSL-4XMO-CG-N/P and HSL-4XMO-CD-N/P. HSL-4XMO-CG-N/P is suitable for steppers and linear motors. HSL-4XMO-CD-N/P is suitable for servo motors with transfer cable. Except the advanced motion control library (refer to PCI-8164), ADLINK also provides two extra features for users. Motion Point Table Managements can let users assign the points into the module in advance. Then, users can issue command to continuously move the points without consuming CPU resource. Motion Script Download provides users a easy interface to program the application. With this script, the DSP inside HSL-4XMO can decode the file and execute itself.

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