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Linux Driver API for ADLINK PCI/PXI-9820 and PXI-98xx Series High-Speed Digitizers

  • Driver API for Linux
  • Linux ELF shared library
  • Provide full functionalities of ADLINK PCI/PXI-9820 and PXI-98xx High-Speed Digitizer
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Linux is a freely-distributed UNIX-like operating system and is rapidly extending its applicability to PC-based measurement and control applications. Compared to other operating systems, Linux consumes less system resources and requires less hardware capabilities. ADLINK"s DASK/X drivers are device drivers for custom data acquisition applications that run under Linux. DASK/X drivers provide common Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) for ADLINK"s extensive family of PCI, CompactPCI, and PXI plug-in data acquisition cards, and utilize the full capabilities of these cards under the Linux environment. With DASK/X drivers, you can easily access all of the functionalities of ADLINK data acquisition cards to obtain optimal performance. ADLINK supports several of the major distributions with complete driver verification.


  • Driver API for Linux
  • Linux ELF (Executable and Linking Format) shared library
  • Provides full functionality for ADLINK data acquisition cards
  • Supports major distributions with complete driver verification. Drivers can be used with both C/C++. The following Linux distributions are currently supported:
    —Fedora Core 17
    —Ubuntu-12.04.1 LTS

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