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SMARC® evaluation carrier board for SMARC® 2.0 compliant modules

  • SMARC® 2.0 compliant carrier board with MXM3 connector
  • Board size of 305 mm x 170 mm
  • Compatible with both short and full size SMARC® 2.0 modules
  • Supports dual channel LVDS or eDP, HDMI or DP++, DP++
  • Dual GbE
  • Connector for MIPI CSI camera add-on card
  • ATX power supply
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SMARC® vs COM Express® COM Express® is a very successful computer-on-module (COM) standard that is optimized for PC architecture based embedded systems. The COM Express feature set exploits contemporary PC chipsets very well. There is support for numerous USB ports and PCI Express lanes, PCI Express graphics, LPC bus and PCI bus, as well as power pins supporting over 100 watts. The SMARC specification targets lower power, small form factor systems. The SMARC pin out is optimized for features common to ARM CPUs rather than those of the PC architecture. Some of these features include parallel LCD display interfaces; provisions for serial and parallel camera input; multiple I2C, I2S, SPI and serial port options; USB client/host mode and OTG (on the go) operation and SD/eMMC card operation. The SMARC specification also includes some of the features found in COM Express, such as a limited number of PCIe, SATA and USB ports, but provides a combination of interfaces that allows many features of interest not supported by COM Express to be made available for contemporary mobile applications. Two module sizes - 82mm x 50mm - 82mm x 80mm Carrier board connector: 314 pin MXM pin-out - Low cost - Low profile - Excellent signal integrity - Robust, vibration resistant connector Module input voltage range: 3.0V to 5.25V - Allows operation using 3.6V nominal Lithium-ion battery packs - Allows operation using 3.3V fixed DC supply - Allows operation using 5.0V fixed DC supply - Single power supply (no separate standby voltage) - Module power pins allow 5A max, or 15W max input power at 3.0V

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