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4-CH 24-Bit 128kS/s Dynamic Signal Acquisition USB 2.0 Module (OEM version available)

  • ハイスピードUSB 2.0およびUSBバスに対応
  • 24ビット シグマデルタADCアンチエイリアシング・フィルタ対応 (デフォルト搭載)
  • ACまたはDC入力カップリング、ソフトウェア選択可能
  • アナログおよびデジタルトリガ、フルオートキャリブレーション
  • 低温度ドリフトで100 dBの広 低温度ドリフトで100 dBの広範なダイナミック・レンジを提供
  • 時間/周波数解析アプリケーション内蔵
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See More about USB-2405 Portable Vibration Analysis Solutions

The USB-2405 is a 24-bit high-performance dynamic signal acquisition USB module equipped with 4 analog input channels providing simultaneous-sampling at up to 128 kS/s per channel. The USB-2405 also features software selectable AC or DC coupling input configuration and built-in high precision 2 mA excitation current to measure integrated electronic piezoelectric (IEPE) sensors such as accelerometers and microphones.

The USB-2405 delivers high precision, DC and dynamic measurement performance with very low temperature drift. The onboard 24-bit Sigma-Delta ADC supports anti-aliasing filtering, suppressing modulator and signal out-of-band noise and providing usable signal bandwidth of the Nyquist rate, making it ideal for high dynamic range signal measurement in vibration and acoustic applications.

The USB-2405 supports digital and analog trigger sources and flexible trigger modes, including post, delay, middle, gated, and pre-triggering for efficient data acquisition with no need for post-processing. The USB-2405 is USB bus powered and equipped with BNC connectors and removable spring terminals for easy device connectivity.

  • OS Information
  • Windows XP, Windows 7/8 x64/x86
  • Software Compatibility
  • Visual Studio.NET

  • Video DEMO

    Quick Start to Data Acquisition with Visual Signal DAQ Express and ADLINK USB-2405

    ADLINK Intelligent IoT Solutions: Machine Failure Prediction

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