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Starterkit-COM Express 6 Plus

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This Type 6 Computer-on-Module Starter Kit gets you going with Carrier Board Design and Software Verification in no time

  • COM Express Type 6 Module
  • CPU, Memory
  • Express-BASE6 Reference Carrier Board
  • Thermal solution (heatspreader and heatsink)
  • Schematics, Design Guide, and User Manuals
  • ADLINK USB stick with Documentation, Drivers, BSPs, Libraries
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  Optional Items  
The Starter Kit consists of a COM Express Type 6 core module with ATX size reference carrier board that offers one PCIe x16 Express slot with proprietary pinout for DDI Adapter card, one PCI Express graphics slot x16, seven PCI Express x1 slot, Serial ATA, VGA, LVDS, USB 2,0, Gigabit LAN, and Super I/O. All necessary cables are included.
� Express-BASE6 reference carrier board
� Accessory kit:
- DisplayPort to DVI adapter cable
- SATA cable
- T6-DDI Video Adapter Card
- PCIe x16-to-two-x8 Adapter card
- LPC POST Debug Board
- USB Stick with documentation, drivers, libraries, and BSPs for Linux, Windows CE, XPe and WES7
- Carrier Design Guide and product manuals
- Live Linux on USB
� COM Express Type 6 module with CPU of your choice
� Memory of your choice
� Thermal solution of your choice (heatspreader, heatsink)

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