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Selection Guide for High-Speed Digital I/O Cards
Bus Type Model No. High-Speed Digital I/O
No. of Channels Bi-directional Selection Logic Level Max. Clock Rate Max. Throughput
PCI ExpressPCIe-7300A32-CHYES5V/TTL20 MHz80 MB/sec
PCIPCI-7300A32-CHYES5V/TTL20 MHz80 MB/sec
PCIPCI-720032-CH DI & 32-CH DONO5V/TTL2 MHz8 MB/sec
CompactPCIcPCI-730032-CHYES5V/TTL20 MHz80 MB/sec
CompactPCIcPCI-720032-CH DI & 32-CH DONO5V/TTL2 MHz8 MB/sec
PCI ExpressPCIe-735032-CHYES1.8/2.5/3.3V Software Selectable50 MHz200 MB/sec
PCI ExpressPCIe-720032-CH DI & 32-CH DONO5V/TTL2 MHz8 MB/sec
PCI ExpressPCIe-736032-CHYES1.8/2.5/3.3V Software Selectable100 MHz400 MB/sec

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