ADLINK DAQPilot: ADLINK Task-oriented DAQ Driver and Wizard for Windows
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Selection Guide for Main Digital I/O Cards
Bus Type Model No. Isolated Digital Input Isolated Digital Output 5V/TTL Digital I/O Timer/ Counter
No. of Channels Type Input Range No. of Channels Type Output Range No. of Channels Bi-directional
No. of Channels Resolution
PCIPCI-7444---128Power MOSFET5-40 V32YES--
PCIPCI-7443128photo coupler28 V---32YES--
PCIPCI-744264photo coupler28 V64Power MOSFET5-40 V32YES--
PCIPCI-7434---64Darlington5-35 V----
PCIPCI-7433HIR64photo coupler50 V-------
PCIPCI-743364photo coupler24 V-------
PCIPCI-7432HIR32photo coupler50 V32Darlington5-35 V----
PCIPCI-743232photo coupler24 V32Darlington5-35 V----
PCIPCI-72608photo coupler24 V8High Power Relay250 VAC @ 5 A 30 VDC @ 5 A----
PCIPCI-72582photo coupler24 V32PhotoMos Relay350 VAC @ 0.12A----
PCIPCI-725616photo coupler24 V16Latching Relay125 VAC@ 0.5 A 30 VDC@ 1 A----
PCIPCI-7250, PCI-72518photo coupler24 V8Relay120 VAC@ 0.5 A 24 VDC@ 1 A----
PCIPCI-7234---32Darlington5-35 V----
PCIPCI-723332photo coupler24 V-------
PCIPCI-723016photo coupler24 V16Darlington5-35 V----
PCILPCI-72508photo coupler24 V8Relay120 VAC@ 0.5 A 24 VDC@ 1 A----
PCILPCI-723016photo coupler24 V16Darlington5-35 V----

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