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High I/O density and scalability

The ADLINK Network Appliance family features an I/O intensive architecture with built-in switch or NIM cards. For a high-density I/O requirement, a single Modular Industrial Cloud Architecture compute node can support a maximum communication bandwidth of up to 480G. ADLINK Network Appliances can also meet the requirements for different computing densities from mid-level to high-end platforms supporting four dual Xeon E5 systems. With Intel? Data Plane Developer Kit (DPDK) and DPDK vSwitch (OVS) support, the computing power and I/O capabilities of a compute module can be maximized, achieving a very high bandwidth for DPI-based applications.


NFV & SDN support

In addition to supporting Intel® VT-x, VT-d and VT-c technologies that enable virtualization on possessors, platform chipsets, and networks, ADLINK also integrates an validates OpenStack and Wind River Titanium Server for quick deployment. For SDN, Modular Industrial Cloud Architecture switch nodes adopt the latest switch chipset technology which uses a larger TCAM table and can implement L2/L3/L4 forwarding based on the OpenFlow protocol, meeting the requirements for software defined flow forwarding.


High availability

In Modular Industrial Cloud Architecture-based network security appliances, all compute nodes, switch nodes and storage modules are designed to be redundant and hot-swappable. Combined with the appropriate high-availability middleware, hot standby and failover can be achieved to the “five nines” telecommunications standard.

LAN Bypass support

ADLINK Network Appliances support the LAN Bypass function on network interfaces expanded through NIM cards. For Modular Industrial Cloud Architecture-based CSA-7200, the bypass modes of each NIM can be set independently through BIOS or an IPMI interface, and can also be effective after AC power is lost.

Hardware acceleration

For network packets, Modular Industrial Cloud Architecture compute nodes use the acceleration engine in the network controller to implement load balancing and packet filtering against big data flow. By integrating I/O modules that use chipsets with Intel® Quick Assist Technology, Modular Industrial Cloud Architecture can offload compression/decompression, or encryption/decryption to the I/O module to handle big data processing tasks.

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