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Network Appliances

With the development and popularization of cloud computing technologies, traditional network security providers are repositioning and moving their development efforts from network security solutions that can only handle single point security issues to a new generation of network security solution that are effective in big data and cloud computing environments. ICT equipment providers in the network security industry need network security servers that have massive DPI parsing power, full support for NFV and SDN, and a powerful big data processing engine. This equipment must also support dynamic capacity expansion and scalable IO extension in order to adapt to a more complicated cloud environment.

The network security requirements

ADLINK meets the network security requirements of e-businesses, enterprises, and service providers with Network Appliances that allow security solution providers to integrate next generation firewall (NGFW), virtual private network (VPN), intrusion detection system (IDS), traffic shaping, content filter, Deep Packet Inspection (DPI), Unified Threat Management (UTM) and anti-virus applications with industry leading performance, scalability, serviceability and manageability, all in one comprehensive security solution.

Application Ready Intelligent Platform

ADLINK Network Appliances are accompanied by the ADLINK PacketManager, a software package which includes Control Plane configuration tools and Data Plane processing acceleration capabilities. ADLINK Network Appliances provide increased packet processing speed and are ideal for Software Define Networking (SDN) switch and NGFW applications that require DPI and network virtualization functionality.

Learn more about PacketManager

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