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ADLINK designs and develops single board computers (SBCs) based on a variety of form factors, processors, clock speeds, memory configurations, I/O and operating systems, as well as complete MIL-STD-compliant sub-systems. Both our Extreme Rugged™ SBCs and high performance Extreme Rugged™ sub-systems are designed and tested to comply with MIL-STD specifications and are available in a range of convection and conduction cooling options. ADLINK's embedded computing hardware solutions are versatile and adaptable, designed to meet the ideal technical readiness level (TRL), form factor, and Size, Weight, Power and Cost (SWaP-C) requirements defined by the target platform.

Signal processing is a critical element in today's mil/aero platforms, whether the computing application is handling command and control, intelligence, surveillance or reconnaissance (C4ISR). Systems must provide robust, fault-free connectivity, as well as the wide, high-speed I/O required to support visible spectrum and infrared (IR) cameras, radar and other fast, high-definition sensors. ADLINK offers the latest Intel® Core™ i7/i5/i3-based computing solutions, including multiprocessor SBCs as well as multiprocessor plus GPGPUs and computing sub-systems, which enable and optimize mission-critical digital signal processing, acceleration and compression.

ADLINK's rugged products and platforms also offer a wide range of internal and external I/O, storage and networking options, including internal PCIe (Gen 3) data buses, multiple display technologies (HDMI,VGA, LVDS), GPIO, multiple SATA interfaces and USB and Gigabit Ethernet ports. Our sub-systems and 3U product families include internal PC/104, miniPCI and mPCIe expansion slots, providing industry standard extensibility and enabling support of multiple rugged military standard interfaces such as MIL-STD-1553 and MILCAN, as well as industry interfaces such as ARINC 429 and CAN-bus.

ADLINK's world-class technical support ensures convenient accessibility to our team of highly skilled customer hardware and software support engineers. Our support team is expertly trained and knowledgeable in the applications and concerns of our military customers.

Originating Rugged by Design
Validated Rugged from the Ground Up

ADLINK's Rugged by Design process means all Extreme Rugged™ products are subjected to MIL-STD shock, vibration, and temperature testing during the product development process, not simply re-qualified after the fact. This unique purpose-built approach ensures performance, availability and reliability optimized for the rigors of mission-critical embedded environments.

ADLINK's Extreme Rugged™ boards and systems meet or exceed MIL specifications, incorporating thoughtful design decisions regarding component selection, circuit design, printed circuit board (PCB) layout and materials, thermal solutions, enclosure design and manufacturing process, all supported by an industry leading testing process. Extensive voltage and temperature margin tests validate ADLINK's Extreme Rugged™ products during the development process, including full MIL-STD-810 or MIL-STD-202 shock and vibration testing. ADLINK's ISO- and TUV-certified development process features Highly Accelerated Life Testing (HALT), and all Extreme Rugged™ products are available with conformal coating.

ADLINK's Extreme Rugged™ products address the full spectrum of military industrial supply principles, including design revision control, component referencing, and the longevity of supply so essential to military deployments. Further, ADLINK's Extreme Rugged™ products offer configurability and flexibility to meet the broadest range of military program requirements. Assuring rugged design while protecting development resources and time-to-market, ADLINK can expertly modify existing offerings or develop new solutions to defined specifications using our proven Rugged by Design methodologies and ISO quality assurance process.

Long-Term Military Design Success
Deep Expertise in Connected Defense Electronics

With the integration of AMPRO Computers, ADLINK's long history is founded on the design and development of high performance embedded computing solutions for rugged deployment. Our mandate is to solve rugged design challenges, maintaining high responsiveness to military customer needs while enabling value, performance, flexibility and longevity for extended deployments. By offering in-house design with manufacturing — a service combination as valuable as it is rare in our industry — we maximize rugged design capabilities and capitalize on smart design principles such as Application Ready Intelligent Platforms (ARIPs) that integrate both hardware and software to facilitate better performance, faster time-to-market and reduced risk and cost of ownership.

Committed Standards Leadership
Expertly Guiding Standards Development and Deployment

ADLINK is vigorous in developing standards and then integrating them into market-leading products. Illustrated through ADLINK's creation of the PC/104 standard, early support of PICMG®, CompactPCI® and AdvancedTCA®, and now through our current set of OpenVPX and VITA 75 products, ADLINK has a history of innovating and delivering standards-based rugged defense products for more than half a century.

ADLINK supports COTS technology and open systems, offering flexible technologies and platforms. Deployable as system ingredients or fully formed systems that ensure right-sized rugged performance, ADLINK products blend hardware and software elements into intelligent platforms that enable tangible competitive edge in time-to-market.


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