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Defense and Aviation Solutions

UAS Payload Computing

Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) provide a quantum leap in the way battlefield information is gathered. As UAS deployments accelerate and evolve, sensor and data processing requirements challenge the performance envelope of small form factor (SFF) High Performance Embedded Computing (HPEC) solutions. Payload computing requirements demand the highest processing power available while presenting the lowest possible SWaP prole. In a typical application, a Payload Computer functions as processing element that provides video or sensor data capture, processing, and compression for subsequent data transmission.

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Ground Vehicles: Vetronics

In today’s armored fighting vehicle, the integration of vehicle electronic sub-systems for command, control, communications, computers, intelligence, surveillance, reconnaissance (C4ISR) and electronic warfare (EW) components, as well as power generation and distribution, are referred to as Vetronics. The multiple payload sub-systems that support the ground mission are integrated and controlled via a mission computer. Current ground mobile mission computer design utilizes mature, standards-based technologies to implement an open architecture that meets DoD Information Assurance requirements.

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Air Defense Radar System

Radar systems play a crucial role in air defense, producing vital data for timely location of enemy positions. A lightweight mobile weapons vehicle requires a radar system with high computing performance and data transfer rates in order to carry out automatic target recognition and provide the operator with key information to aid in critical decision making. The system is installed in the limited space available in the vehicle with minimal airflow and must be able to withstand the harsh environments of the battlefield.

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Force Protection: Counter–Sniper Systems

Protecting our troops in the field is one of the highest priorities of the defense command. Sniper fire is one of the hardest threats to predict and defeat for today’s warfighter and requires a new type of countermeasure to focus on detection of enemy fire targeting troops in moving vehicles. With an audio technology to determine the direction and elevation of a sniper target by using only the sound of the sniper’s muzzle blast and the supersonic shock wave created by the bullet traveling through the air. This countermeasure effectively enables combat troops to locate a sniper while ignoring sounds similar to that of a gunshot.

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