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Analytics - the Biggest "Big Data" Challenge!

New-generation Dedicated Media Cloud Server

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Intelligent Video Analytics Solutions

Industry Trends and Challenges

Video surveillance technologies are widely used in urban security systems today. Intelligent video analytics are, an important aspect of video surveillance technology, using image recognition processing to identify the existence of security threats that have already occurred or may occur in the future, and alerting users in real-time.
The increasing need for real-time video analytics presents a big challenge to video surveillance providers today. Real-time video analytics requires that videos be collated and processed immediately, providing meaningful, actionable data that can be used in real-time. In addition, successfully harnessing big-data processing technology to quickly identify required video segments becomes more difficult with the increasing volume of video data used in analytics.

Video Analytics
Real-time video analysis; data mining from live video data and video archives
Supports OpenCL to accelerate analysis algorithm development; Validated with Intel® big data solution on Apache Strom

Advantages and Benefits for Customers

  • High Performance & High Density
  • High-efficiency CPU/GPU Memory Sharing
  • Big Data Support and Cloud Deployment
Video Analytics Solution
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