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New-generation Dedicated Media Cloud Server

plus Built-in MediaManager Software for High Performance Transcoding

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The Dedicated Platform for Video Processing Applications

ADLINK Media Cloud Server is a dedicated server designed for real-time encoding, transcoding and processing of media streams that was previously performed by GPGPUs and dedicated ASIC/DSP hardware. Intel® Quick Sync Video implements a flexible hardware design approach by using hybrid of fixed function hardware and programmable execution unit (EU) arrays.
Flexibility within the encode pipeline enables finer control of the video encoding process, providing balance between performance, power, and flexibility. With support for OpenCL, Intel® Quick Sync Video faster implementation of new features compared to ASIC solutions. An x86 architecture also supports a native development environment and debugging tools, significantly shortening development cycles and reducing costs.

Comparison of media hardware solutions
General Purpose GPU Low High High Middle
Fix Function HW (DSP) High* Low Low High
Flexible Intel® Quick
Sync Video
(ADLINK Media Cloud Server)
High Low Balanced Low

Cost-effective Video Processing Platform

ADLINK Media Cloud Server is a 2U, cost-effective media processing platform equipped with Intel® Quick Sync Video. It is also the first hardware platform in the Intel® Media Sever Studio ecosystem that can support an Intel® Xeon® /CoreTM processor.
ADLINK Media Cloud Server is designed for media applications that require advanced media processing capability, and allows optimal access to Intel® Quick Sync Video hardware for video encoding/decoding and customized video processing

Hardware Acceleration Enables High Performance

With the ADLINK Media Cloud Server, developers can create media server applications that take full advantage of hardware-accelerated media processing for video decode, encode, and a rich set of video pre/post processing as illustrated in the following figure. The Intel® Media Server Studio library supports a range of mainstream operating systems, including Microsoft Windows 8, Windows 2012, CentOS, and SuSE Linux. This provides more flexibility than customized solutions, which generally provide just a Linux-based development library.

The Intel® Quick Sync Video hardware enables a high media processing performance with the ADLINK Media Cloud Server. The GPU-based (HW) transcoding gave significantly better results than the CPU-based (SW) transcoding, no matter the maximum real-time (RT) transcoding streams or the average transcoding frames per second.

Comparison of GPU-based and CPU-based transcoding(MCS-2040)
1080.MPEG2 to
12 3 346.5 89.6
1080P.H264 to
16 5 496.1 163.9
Flexible Intel®
Quick Sync Video
55 20 1342.6 616.5

MediaManager Enables End-to-End Solution

ADLINK MediaManager software, which comes standard on the Media Cloud Server, expands on the functionality of the Intel® Media Server Studio by providing additional media building blocks to handle common media processing tasks not natively supported by the Intel® Media Sever Studio Library, including demux/mux of media container files, RTP receiving and streaming, video composition, and audio processing.

  • Demux/Mux Module: Demuxes/muxes the video and audio elements from/into a container file. Common video formats include H.264/H.265/MPEG2, and audio formats AAC/MP3 are supported.

  • Video Composition: Composites 2-16 input video streams into a video mosaic. The composition module can assist with development of an MCU within a conference server (supporting WebRTC).

  • RTP Receiver/Sender Module: Receives video and audio elements from separate RTP streams. Streams video and audio elements with respective RTP streams to a destination over the network. The streaming format for video and audio are H.264/H.265 and AAC, respectively.

  • Audio Processor Routine: Transcodes audio between AAC and MP3, and supports audio playback.
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