DAQ-MTLB - Data Acquisition Library for MATLAB

The ADLINK DAQ-MTLB for MATLAB® is designed to integrate DAQ hardware with the MATLAB® Data Acquisition Toolbox. MATLAB® users can extend their data acquisition capability with one of hundreds of ADLINK cards in a variety of form factors, including PCI Express®, PCI, CompactPCI and PXI. ADLINK is also one of the twelve MathWorks Connections Program partners, and the only supplier offering a MATLAB® adaptor for high-speed digitizers with sampling rates up to 130 MHz with resolutions of up to 14 bits. Users can measure and analyze live MHz-level signals from MATLAB® by combining ADLINK hardware with MATLAB®, as well as generate arbitrary waveforms. ADLINK DAQ-MTLB supports complete hardware trigger capability to perform an exact data acquisition process to acquire, analyze, and visualize data in an integrated MATLAB® environment.

ADLINK Data Acquisition Library for MATLAB
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  • MATLAB® Data Acquisition Toolbox-compliant (Version 2.2 or higher)
  • Real-time data access and measurement directly in MATLAB® environment
  • Capable of 100 kS/s to 65 MS/s, 12-bit to 16-bit data acquisition
  • Supports a full range of ADLINK data acquisition cards
  • Supports analog input, analog output, and digital I/O function
  • Supports MATLAB® R13 or higher with Data Acquisition Toolbox 2.2 or higher
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