Embedded: the future of the IoT

Industries are entering a new era as the IoT allows billions of devices containing embedded technology to seamlessly connect, be managed, and securely interact over the network. Industrial IoT is the tem used to describe machine-to-machine (M2M) communications where machines interact and communicate with other machines, objects, environments and infrastructures. As a result of these communications, huge volumes of data are being intelligently generated, and that data is being processed and analyzed, resulting in meaningful and timely actions for management and control. The increasing trend towards Industrial IoT is transforming industries such as transportation, infotainment, medicine, communications and industrial automation,making them more efficient and optimizing operations.

The full spectrum of Industrial IoT

Connectivity via the Internet is used in many industrial applications. The IoT market is evolving to encompass multiple application segments including automation, healthcare, transportation, telecommunications and infotainment. ADLINK offers a full range of solutions for the IoT ecosystem ranging from embedded building blocks to embedded systems to device management cloud services covering devices, gateways and network infrastructure. We provide Application Ready Intelligent Platforms and services which connect data, people and things to create the new applications that will help you to increase productivity and efficiency.

Common Test and Measurement Applications:


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