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The Industrial IoT is defined as the automated interaction between smart devices and systems, exchanging data to an offsite or cloud-based solution for meaningful, time-sensitive analytics using components with very low energy consumption, that are simple to install and based on industry standards. The Industrial IoTgoes beyond the simple exchange of data by connecting devices, systems and people in intelligent, real-world applications to enable environments such automated factories, smart cities and connected healthcare. Traditional embedded systems are at the heart of this phenomenon, having evolved from standalone systems to become a network of connected devices and systems.

ADLINK's embedded computing product portfolio includes all the key elements you need to build the IoTfor industrial applications. Our solutions allow you to build embedded devices and systems that are connected with each other and let you securely gather and share data over network infrastructure and cloud services. The data you generate is then analyzed and converted into intelligence that is easily accessed and lets you track, control and manage your assets and business processes, providing more efficiency and productivity.

Transforming Industries

The true value of the Industrial IoTwill be eventualized when all devices are connected to the cloud and their data is collectively analyzed, revealing actionable insights that can transform your business. ADLINK's embedded building blocks and systems have the Smart Embedded Management Agent (SEMA) built-in and support SEMA-Cloud to allow you to remotely monitor system status, diagnose problems and handle system management tasks anytime, from anywhere over the Internet. SEMA Cloud lets you remotely monitor, control and configure systems and devices and allows you to collect and analyze all the data on one unified platform, transforming that data into business insights and driving operational efficiency.

ADLINK plays a key role in enabling new decentralized IoT applications. For example, in factories, industrial operators can now synchronize production and monitor manufacturing process by utilizing ADLINK's IoT gateways, handheld devices and SEMA-Cloud software suite to plan corrective actions that reduce costs and downtime. In the retail environment, operators can engage with customers, analyze their behavior, and optimize the impact of promotions by using digital signage players powered by ADLINK's embedded building blocks incorporating the latest processors and requisite interfaces. In the transportation sector, parking lot operators can remotely repair, maintain and upgrade ticketing machines with SEMA Cloud software, eliminating the need to send technicians on-site and saving on human resource and travel expenses:

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Transporation Healthcare Power & Energy Automation Telecommunications

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