Vehicle data from onboard devices and sensors such as speed and fuel usage can be transmitted using wireless technology directly to a centralized control center in order to optimize fuel economy and schedule maintenance. In addition, IP surveillance systems can be implemented in-vehicle to enhance driver and passenger safety, and combined with vehicle positioning data provided by GPS, delivering real-time driving information to the control center.

ADLINK's Intel® Core™ i7-based MXE-5300 provides high processing power and rich IO interfaces, allowing it to gather and analyze data from hundreds of vehicle-based sensors to provide data for analytics and immediate feedback to the driver. It can also operate effectively under conditions unique to moving vehicles, including high levels of shock and vibration and severe temperatures

System Diagram

System Diagram MXE-5300 Series

Customer Benefits

  • Easy management of vehicles to keep drivers and passengers safer and vehicles running more efficiently
  • Easy data collection for real-time processing

Products in Use

MXE-5300 Series
MXE-5300 Series
Embedded Computer 
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