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The following briefs detail how ADLINK's IMX-3000 handheld computers are being used to enhance operations and management efficiency in a variety of environments. These success stories outline increasing adoption of ADLINK's portable computing solutions by global system integrators and end users to develop applications on the open Android platform. The resultingly effective data capture and integration significantly increase customer satisfaction and profitability.

Case Study


Mobile Ticketing Management System

Project: Mobile Ticketing Management System
Country: Netherlands

Product: IMX-3000


Attractions such as concert, theatre, and sporting events increasingly rely on mobile ticket admission systems. Selecting a barcode reader that can scan traditional paper tickets and input to mobile devices can significantly improve ticketing, convenience and event accessibility for customers. An system integrator in the Netherlands selected ADLINK's IMX-3000 handheld computers to implement their mobile admission system, which allowed them to reduce waiting time for customers and effectively verify ticket data, increasing customer satisfaction and building loyalty.


The IMX-3000 handheld computer's open Android platform makes it easy for mobile ticketing service system integrators to develop their own systems for the device. Ability to read 2D codes from tickets and 3G interfaces enable online comparison of ticket data with stored information to prevent multiple admissions using copied tickets. The robust design of IMX-3000 handheld computers enables outdoor use, and push-to-talk function allows event staff to communicate directly with no need for additional communications devices.

 Real time data transmission via 3G
 IP54-rated robust design
 Sunlight readable
 Push-to-talk function
 High performance barcode scanner for cell-phone e-ticket and paper printing
 Android platform easy for development

Learn more about ADLINK IMX-3000    Learn more about ADLINK IMX-3000

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