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Digitizer/Oscilloscope Applications

ADLINK provides digitizers with high-dynamic-range, low-distortion measurements using high-resolution digitizers ranging from 14 to 24 bits of resolution, application-driven modules, like the high-resolution modules for sound & vibration modules. Refer to the following table to determine the ideal module for your measurement applications.

200 MS/s 14-bit 2-CH High Speed Digitizer/Oscilloscope
100 MS/s 14-bit 8-CH High Density Digitizer/Oscilloscope

10/20/40 MS/s 16-Bit 4-CH Digitizer/Oscilloscope

65 MS/s 14-bit 2-CH PCI/PXI Digitizer/Oscilloscope
PCIe-9814 / PCIe-9834
80 MS/s 12/16-bit 4-CH PCI Express Digitizer/Oscilloscope
192 MS/s 24-bit 8-CH High Resolution DSA

432 MS/s 24-bit High Resolution DSA
  12-Bit 14-Bit 16-Bit 24-Bit  Resolution

PXI systems alliance

As a sponsor member of the PXI System Alliance, ADLINK offers a wide selection of PXI chassis, PXI controllers, data acquisition modules, PCI-PXI and PXI-PXI extension products, and GPIB connectivity - with more products on the horizon to provide open hardware and software support for our customers.

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