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ADLINK delivers robust software support for their comprehensive line of USB, PCI Express®, PCI, CompactPCI, and PXI-based DAQ cards. Drivers for mainstream Windows and Linux Operating Systems are available, as is diverse various SDK support for third-party applications including Visual Studio, LabVIEW™ and MATLAB®. In addition, ADLINK also provides componentware for measurement and HMI, and ready-to-run applications like Data Logger.

 Supported Operating System 
 SDK Compatibility 
 Software Utility 

ADLINK provides various ready-to-run applications, like AD-Logger, a Data logger Software; specific ready-to-use utilities for USB DAQ by U-Test, and DSA-Utility for Dynamic Signal Acquisition Modules.

go AD-Logger
Configuration-Based Data Logger for ADLINK DAQ Cards

go U-Test
Full function testing of ADLINK USB DAQ

go DSA Utility
Ready-to-run software utility designed for dynamic signal acquisition modules

NOTE: Please download Windows drivers and API Library from the corresponding product page at the ADLINK website. For check the software support of ADLINK DAQ series, please go to Software Selection Guide.

Software Selection Guide of DAQ Series

8 Steps to Get ADLINK Products Ready

8 Steps to Get ADLINK Products Ready

ADLINK Software Supporting Microsoft® Windows® Frameworks

ADLINK Software Supporting Microsoft® Windows® Frameworks

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