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The ETX computer-on-module specification includes the standard functions required for almost any application, such as graphics, Ethernet, audio, IDE, floppy, keyboard/mouse, parallel, serial and USB ports, and PCI and ISA system busses.

A custom designed carrier board complements the ETX core module with additional functionality that is required for a specific application. The carrier board provides the interface to connect the module to peripherals such as hard disk, mouse, and display. Connectors on the carrier board can be placed exactly where needed to optimize the final package and minimize cabling. This results in a more reliable product and simplifies system integration. A single carrier board can be used with different ETX modules when the same functionality is required at different performance levels, allowing great ease in end product diversification

ETX modules


ETX Module with Intel® Atom™ Processor E3800 Series SoC (codename: Bay Trail)



ETX® Reference Carrier Board in ATX Form Factor

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