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CoreExpress modules are complete computer-on-module (COM) highly integrated, small and compact PCs that can be used in an embedded computer board design, much like an integrated circuit component. COMs integrate CPU, memory, graphics, and BIOS, and common I/O interfaces. The interfaces are legacy-free, using only digital buses such as PCI Express, SATA, Ethernet, USB, and HD audio (Intel High Definition Audio).

All signals are accessible on a high-density, high-speed, 220-pin connector. Although currently available implementations use Intel processors, the specification is open for different CPU CoM solutions. CoreExpress modules are mounted on a custom carrier board, containing the peripherals required for the specific application. In this way, small but highly specialized computer systems can be built.


CoreExpress Module with Intel® Atom™ E6xxT Processor - 0.6...1.6 GHz


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